The Best Cabinet Ideas For Your Kitchen

Whether you’re working with slab-style cabinets or are upgrading an existing kitchen, there’s no shortage of ways to customize your cabinetry. Paint is an easy and inexpensive option that lets wood shine, and coordinating your color can make a big impact.

Or, try a new color palette that frames your kitchen in style. Ocean blues are a hot trend, while black can elevate off-white cabinets.

1. Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is a great solution for any corner cabinet that’s difficult to reach. Essentially, it’s a round spinning tray that allows you to store items in the corner of a cabinet or pantry. The item’s rotate on the lazy Susan to be easily accessible, making it ideal for kitchen supplies like spices and condiments or table accessories like napkins and placemats.

The best part about this cabinet idea is that it’s an easy addition that can be made as a DIY project or during a new kitchen remodel with your Professional Kitchen Designer. However, keep in mind that Lazy Susans are more expensive than other storage solutions such as sliding drawers, and they should be carefully planned (along with your overall cabinet budget) as part of a new kitchen design.

They Organize and Declutter

When you add a lazy Susan to a cabinet, it instantly creates more storage space and makes it easier to access items in the back of the cabinet. They’re a great choice for corner cabinets, as they can help reduce clutter and improve kitchen efficiency by eliminating the need to dig through items to find what you’re looking for.

Lazy Susans come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials so you can easily customize them to fit your cabinet or pantry. They also make a great alternative to traditional pull-out shelves for upper cabinets that don’t allow for full access without bumping into items in the back of the cabinet.

Consider the weight capacity of your lazy Susan cabinet to ensure it can safely hold the items you plan to store on it. If you’re storing heavier items such as pots or pans, opt for a larger diameter lazy Susan to accommodate the size and weight of your items.

If you plan on storing lighter items in your lazy Susan, label jars or containers to make it easier to find what you need and to keep track of expiration dates. Likewise, rotating your items occasionally will help to ensure they’re used up before they spoil.

3. Pantry

Many of the most important kitchen tools reside in the pantry. Whether it’s a free-standing cabinet or part of the kitchen’s integrated or butler design, pantry ideas provide ample storage space and are a style statement in their own right. Here are some of our favorite pantry ideas that merge form with function.

Pantry cabinets with frosted glass windows make a sleek statement against an all-white minimalist kitchen while providing expanded cabinet access with the convenience of a window. The look also blends well with the contemporary design of the kitchen and allows light to filter in, making the space feel less like a pantry and more like an elegant kitchen cabinet.

An organized pantry makes grocery shopping and meal preparation a much more efficient process. Using labels to categorize your food items, such as baking supplies, canned goods, grains and snacks, is not only visually appealing but helps keep track of inventory so you can avoid buying duplicate items. Installing pull-out drawers maximize traditional pantry storage space and offer easy access to items in the back of a shelf.

A pantry is an ideal place to display a decorative collection of canisters, jars and other containers that are used for storing food or spices. Displaying these decorative items can add a custom touch to the kitchen and help inspire cooking and entertaining.

The pantry is also a great place to store table linens and serving pieces that match the theme of the kitchen or season. This is especially true of pantry designs with bi-folding doors that allow you to hide away any evidence of food prep when guests are visiting.

A pantry can also be a good spot to hang a chalkboard for messages and notes between family members. This is particularly useful if kids are in the house and can serve as an early reminder to restock the pantry with snacks or groceries before they run out. Adding a chalkboard component to the pantry door is also a fun way to track inventory and make to-do lists without cluttering up countertops.

4. Shelving

Shelving is a great way to save space. Shelving systems allow you to organize your possessions precisely and can be used for both home and office storage needs. However, it is important to choose the right shelving system to suit your specific needs. For instance, you should consider the size of your possessions, how much storage space you need and what type of items you are storing.

There are a variety of different types of shelving available, including wood, plastic and metal. Each type has its own unique benefits. However, wood shelving is the most popular and durable. It is also visually appealing and can fit in most spaces. It can also be easily rearranged and is easy to clean. However, it is important to note that wood shelving requires more maintenance than other types of shelving.

Another option is to use modular shelving. Modular shelving is made from interlocking pieces that can be customized to fit any space. It can be used for a number of purposes, including closets, home offices and garages. It can also be stacked on top of each other to create an extra level of storage. It is also easy to install, and it can be done without the need for a professional.

Open shelving is a great kitchen cabinet idea that allows you to showcase your best dishware and glassware. It can also be a good way to show off family heirlooms. Just be sure to keep frequently-used items on lower shelves and only display your prettiest pieces on higher ones.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a whole wall of open shelving, try installing a few simple shelves in a corner. This way, you can still keep your favorite mugs and vases on display while using your kitchen more efficiently.

You can also add a touch of personality to your shelving by adding fun and functional hardware to the doors. For example, you can use a bold knob and pull in a metallic finish that coordinates with your backsplash or faucet. Or, you could mix and match hardware finishes like this homeowner did to give their kitchen a more eclectic vibe.